Wednesday, 23 April 2014

The Magic Of Make-Up


So something a bit different today, I have decided that I would show the miracle that make-up can do to a very badly scarred face from lots of acne as well as a very yukky red and super oily face. I am no way in any way a make-up fanatic but I have picked up some really good products and tips since becoming a blogger and thanks to everyone's advices and reviews I am now happy with my overall daily look etc. Although in this post I have done make-up that I would probably wear on a night out rather than daily!

I never ever feel confident enough to leave the house without make-up, I even have to wear very minimal to the gym just because it isn't pretty so please be nice for the fact that I have bared my face for this post.

First of all I am going to start by showing what products were used:






Final Look

Excuse my hair being up, I done this late afternoon on a pyjama day! Anyways, this is my half and half face, the no make-up side really doesn't show my real redness and patchiness - it isn't edited just the sunlight I think. I decided to do it this way for a full look at the difference and frankly I was even shocked myself! Because on a daily basis you don't get to see the comparison right next to each other like this. Took the other half a bit too long to notice when he came in from work, found it hilarious when I pointed it out though!

What do you think? :) Ever tried this to see the difference?

Love, Gemma xo


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Tuesday, 22 April 2014

HAUL: Easter Monday - Boots & Primark


So it is only a little haul really from Easter Monday but thought I would share some of the bargains I picked up :)


I never used to be a fan besides I get all my bra's from here as their push ups do an amazing job! But recently I have discovered they have some really good bits for boys which is quite hard to come by and the prices are obviously kind to the bank balance. These are super cute plus these are some great bits for our trip to Butlins in a three weeks :)

Mickey Mouse Beach Towel - £4.90
2 Pack Tee (Blue) - £3
Crab Tee - £2
Plain Short Sleeve Shirt - £4
Long Sleeve Anchor Shirt - £6


So once again Boots had another 3 for 2 which I couldn't resist plus I needed some essentials.

No7 Beautifully Matte Foundation - £13.50
No7 Perfectly Light Pressed Powder - £11.50
Ecotools Powder Brush - £9.99
Boots Eyelash Curler - £4.50
Collection Concealer - £4.19
Rimmel Stay Matte Powder - £3.99
Benefit Happy Beauty Day Kit - £9.95

No 7 are both my every day make-up so just the usual for me. I have tried the Rimmel Stay Matte Powder before however I was not impressed (it was like 2 years ago!) but after all you beauty bloggers rave so much about it, I am giving it a second chance. Boots Eyelash Curler, never used one before really but after watching a lot of YouTube I realised how flat my long eyelashes are so will be great to see the difference. Ecotools Powder Brush, I have seen some good reviews on these and when I couldn't find a Real Techniques one I liked, I decided to give it a try and see how it goes. Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer I am hoping this will act as a good highlighter and concealer, excited to try! Benefit Happy Beauty Day Kit was an impulse till buy, but at £9.95 I was excited to try. Not a fan of They're Real Mascara so hopefully the BADgal Lash will do Benefit some justice, always wanted to try Prefessional just not at the usual price. I really recommend this little set if you want to give the products a try :)

Have any of you tried these products, what are your thoughts? :)

Love, Gemma xo


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Sunday, 20 April 2014

SERIES: Have You Discovered.. Bronzer?


#haveyoudiscovered series is upon us again :) This week topic is Bronzer.

I am not really one for Bronzer's as I still haven't mastered contouring despite the mass of YouTube tutorials I have watched, however here is my selection I like to play around with:

Left to Right: Sleek Face Form in Fair, Benefit Hoola and George by Asda Bronzer in No 1 Radiant.

All some great shades, Sleek one is to quite dark for 'Fair' I have to admit. The other two are new to me, only tested the once so far but some lovely shades and I think will work better for me once I get the hang of it as I am pale. The George Bronzer has an orangey tinge though which shows quite noticeably.

What do you think? :) Any recommendations for the ghostly pale beauty newbies?

Love, Gemma xo


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